March 13, 2004

work, snorkeling, hiking and kiteboarding

I saw this fish while snorkeling

Well yet again it has been a long time since my last update. I've been keeping busy with work at the radio station. The new server and new firewall are both in place and working now and those were two of my bigger projects so that is good. Now that those projects are done I will start spending about half of my work time at the Guam SDA Clinic where I will also be working on computers. I expect to start going up there in the afternoons this coming week so that should add some more variety to my typical work day here. On the downside it will also add a 1 hour roundtrip commute on the days that I go up there, but I suppose I'll survive.

Outside of work I've kept fairly active also since I last wrote. During the first couple of weeks I went snorkeling at a new spot just a few miles from my house which had a pretty good variety of different corals. I also hiked to the top of Mt. Lamlam, Guam's highest point, via another route which was considerably steeper than the usual trail. The route I took didn't really follow a trail for the last part either which made it a bit more challenging, but I had fun.
sunset in agat
Later the same weekend I went on a hike along the breakwater which protects Guam's harbor. We got started a bit late so didn't quite make it to the end, but still had a nice walk and enjoyed watching some Navy hovercraft maneuvering in the distance.

Two weeks ago we went on a Sabbath afternoon hike to lost pond, although this time we took snorkeling gear and spent some time looking at the fish and coral instead of visiting the actual pond. The water was clear, the sun was shining and we saw a lot of nice fish and coral, probably more than I have seen anywhere else on Guam so far. Last weekend I went on another hike to a small dam. From the dam we followed the stream for a while and some of the group enjoyed playing in the water.

old dam
Well, I suppose the biggest news since my last update is that I am learning kiteboarding. I had spent time watching and getting to know some of the local kiteboarders previously, but finally started taking lessons about 3 weeks ago. Kiteboarding is a sport where you fly a big, powerful kite that you can control like a stunt kite while riding a board that is similar to a wakeboard or snowboard. The sport has been around for a while but I guess it has really been taking off over the last couple of years. I'd heard about it quite a long time ago and always thought it sounded fun so was excited to see people doing it here on Guam. The kite part of it hasn't been too hard for me to pick up since I've been flying stunt kites for a long time already. The controls are basically the same, but there is a lot more pull so I had to get used to that. The board part is quite similar to wakeboarding which I have also done in the past. The tricky part is to do it all at once, but I finally got my first longer ride just this Friday. I'm looking forward to getting some more practice in the coming weeks. For the first couple of lessons I used some equipment from the instructor but I now have some gear of my own
kiteboarding (it's not me in the picture though)
which I got used from people here on the island. One nice thing about kiteboarding is that once you have the gear you don't have to pay anything extra each time you go out like you do with wakeboarding (gas for the boat) or snow skiing (lift tickets). You can also go by yourself and the gear is portable enough to take as checked luggage on the plane without an extra charge. Once you get good enough it is possible to make headway upwind by tacking back and forth like you do when sailing. While learning I've spent plenty of time walking back upwind, so I'm looking forward to when I can stay upwind on the board. Anyway, I've been having a lot of fun in the water learning this new sport. I have read that some people also go kite snow skiing, which sounds fun too although I doubt I'll get a chance to try that on Guam!

I'm still enjoying my time here and my only upcoming travel plans are for a quick trip back to Boston for a wedding at the end of May. Well, I think that's pretty much all the news for now so I'll go ahead and post this.

Until next time,


Posted by andrew on March 13, 2004

I know who that is kiteboarding!!!!

Posted by: Michael Lanser on March 28, 2004

Recognize yourself do you? For anyone else who visits this page and wants to know more about kiteboarding in Guam check out which I have put together over the last few weeks. There are lots more pictures there and information too.

Posted by: Andrew on March 29, 2004

Hey Andrew,just browsing around you web site WOW!! great job! alot of things going on .Andrew could you help me put a simple layout for lessons, Kiteboardind and Windsurfing,like pictures,location, and contact etc.Your really creative at doing this stuff,look what you did for us on kiteboarding Guams webpage, everyone likes your work.Anyways i just wanted to make some flyers were i can post up at Jeffs,Primo, etc.Let me know..DAVE

Posted by: Dave San Agustin on July 19, 2004