April 21, 2004

hiking, kiteboarding, historical sites and more fun in the water

Gerald at Fintasa Waterfall
Greetings from Guam,

The last several weeks have gone by pretty quickly for me here in Guam. I have been working part time at the clinic while still working part time at the radio station and things are going well with both jobs.

On four out of the last five Sabbath afternoons I went hiking. The first week I went to two waterfalls called Laolao Falls and Fintasa Falls where I spent some time cooling off in Laolao Falls and also climbed around on some rocks there (don't worry, we were careful). After taking a break for a week my next hike was to a place called Tarzan Swimming Hole. This turned out to be a really nice area with a very deep pool. There were also some small round pools which were fun to sit in. The small pools were similar in size and depth to a hot tub and had small cascades of water flowing into them like whirlpool jets. Last week we got a late start but went on a longer, more difficult hike to a rugged part of the coastline called Anao. This hike took us through the jungle to the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean and then down a steep trail to the rocky shore.
I stopped by Mars on the way back from Fintasa waterfall :)
Several of us also followed the coastline a ways and saw a small canyon as well as a natural arch before hurrying back up the steep trail. We had some flashlights along but made it back to the car just as it got dark enough to need them. This weekend we went on a very short hike to a place called Priest's Pools. Since this was an easier hike some of the younger kids were able to come and enjoyed splashing in several pools in a river overlooking the ocean.

Umatac Bay
Since I last wrote I have also been kiteboarding several more times and am still enjoying that new sport. I'm getting better although I haven't been able to go as often as I'd like since the wind hasn't been as strong lately. The consistently windy season is winding
Fort Soledad
down but there are still some windy days. The forecast looks good for this coming weekend so hopefully I'll be able to do some more kiteboarding then.

On one of the Fridays that I had some spare time and kiteboarding wasn't possible I visited a couple of historic sites in the southern part of the island including an old fort. The fort was built to protect Spanish galleons on their way between Mexico and the Philippines. They sailed this route from about 1565 until 1815. The remains of the fort are perched on top of a hill overlooking the picturesque Umatac town
Tarzan Swimming Hole
and bay. The other historic site that I visited was a Vietnam War memorial constructed to honor the Chamorro soldiers who died while fighting in the US Military.

On Sunday a couple of weeks ago I enjoyed a visit to a local water park. I went with some friends and we had fun on the various slides, the lazy river, the log roll and a body boarding ride. We also enjoyed playing some water volleyball and basketball while there.

Last weekend some friends invited me to ride their wave runners (sitting-style jet skis) so I got to play in Guam's tropical waters in yet another new way, which was lots of fun.

This last Sunday I went SCUBA diving in the morning and then went to a meeting at the clinic in the afternoon. I also went diving one other time since I last wrote and enjoyed seeing lots of fish and coral both times.

A couple of weeks ago we had a Typhoon develop and then pass by Guam. It
Priest's Pools
was far enough away that we weren't really affected although the island of Yap was hit pretty hard. The Adventist school there sustained serious damage to several buildings so they have cancelled school for the remaining 5 weeks of the academic year. Most of the volunteer teachers have headed home and work is underway to repair and in some cases completely rebuild the school buildings. The people of Yap can certainly use your prayers during this difficult time.

Well, I think that's pretty much all news from here for now. I'm still planning to travel to Boston over Memorial Day weekend for a wedding but don't have any other major plans right now.

Until next time,


Posted by andrew on April 21, 2004

As always, good to hear what you're up to. Glad the storm didn't hit you too hard. But the real question is when will you go fishing again?

Posted by: lauren on April 22, 2004

Hafa Adai Andrew,

Thanks for keeping me updated! I always enjoy hearing about my old stomping grounds! Daryl Gungadoo (co-creater of the Boonie Boat) spent the night in our home this week. It was fun to catch up on things.


Posted by: Gary Benton on April 22, 2004

It looks like you are having entirely too much fun (as usual)! May God richly bless you, Brother. We will look forward to seeing you sometime in God's timing.

Posted by: Bryan on April 24, 2004

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Posted by: Michael Lanser on May 14, 2004

i was woundering if you can put up a map to show everyone how to get to these water falls.

Posted by: Juan Villagomez on August 1, 2005

Your best bet for getting to these and other waterfalls on Guam is to get The Best Tracks on Guam book available online and at book stores on Guam. Here is a link to the book on amazon:


Posted by: Andrew on January 26, 2006