June 7, 2004

more of the same and a wedding

talofofo caves
Greeting from Guam!

Well, it's been quite a while since my last update and I've been keeping busy.

For the first few weeks after I last wrote I went kiteboarding on most of the Friday afternoons and Sundays and went hiking on the Sabbath afternoons. The first hike was to Talofofo Caves where we explored a new (to me) cave as well as the ones I had seen the last time I went there. The next hike was at low tide along the reef to a black sand beach in Paicpuoc Cove. This beach is the only one on Guam with completely black sand (it's not mud).

Graham & Amber

During the next couple of weeks I had a friend visiting so kept busy snorkeling and seeing the sights around Guam. We also went on a hike back to the waterfall where I fell several months ago and then went to Pagat Cave the following week. The cave is fun because there are lots of candles to light inside the large cavern. There is also a big pool of water which is comfortably cool to swim in after the long, steep hike to the cave.

After my friend's visit I had an excellent trip to Boston to take part in the wedding between Graham (one of my college room mates) and my cousin Amber. I was away from Guam for a total of 7 days and spent nearly half of that time traveling. It was a long trip for a short visit but I was able to cram a lot into the short time. I got to see many friends and family members and also got to spend a few hours exploring downtown Boston. The weather was in the 50s and 60s which I enjoyed thoroughly.
me and my family
On the way to and from Boston I had stopovers in Japan but didn't leave the airport to see anything this time.

Since I got back from Boston I have been trying to catch up on my sleep. On Friday I went SCUBA diving with a couple of friends and we saw quite a few fish and some coral. On Sabbath afternoon the tide was very low so we did a hike along the reef at Hospital Point. There were tons of sea urchins and other marine creatures in the tide pools. We
sea urchins
also hopped in the water to snorkel along the way and saw plenty of fish and coral. Saturday night we played some games and Sunday I tried to go kiteboarding in the morning but there wasn't quite enough wind. Unfortunately the windy season is over here so windy days are few and far between for the next several months. In the afternoon I went to Underwater World which is an aquarium with an underwater tunnel you can walk through. They have lots of sharks, rays, and fish in their tanks and you can get very good views of them all from the transparent tunnel.

Well, that's the news from here for now.

Until next time,


Posted by andrew on June 7, 2004

You look good in a suit, I must say!

Posted by: Sujoya on June 11, 2004

What a good looking family! You clean up nicely?!?!?!? Seriously, thank you for the pictures.


Posted by: mary kay on June 19, 2004