April 11, 2005

Changes and a Roadtrip

boston skyline from the river
Greetings from Tennessee!

It has been several months now since my last update and a lot has happened since then. Spring is in full swing here so I'm enjoying excellent weather, the colorful tree blossoms, and the flowers that are starting to come up. I was in the tropics for the last 3 springs so I guess I had kind of forgotten how nice spring is!

Since my last update there have been a couple of significant changes in my life. The two biggest ones are that Melissa and I are no longer dating and that I got a
grave of benjamin franklin
new job working at EPB Telecom. I have been enjoying my job which has kept me busy learning lots of new things. EPB Telecom provides Internet and phone services to businesses in the Chattanooga area and I am working primarily on the Internet side of things.

Over the last couple of months I have enjoyed several weekends at my Grandparents house since I live so close to them. On one weekend I drove down to Alabama to visit my Uncle and Aunt and have spent others here in Collegedale.

I also enjoyed a long visit from my friend Jonathan who is from Germany. He and I worked together in Cambodia and he had some time off from school so decided to come to the US for a visit. The timing of his visit worked out well so that we were able to go on a road trip before I started at my new job. In fact, the road trip got under way a day earlier then planned when Jonathan's flights were cancelled due to snow at the Paris airport. The airline rerouted him
skiing in new hampshire
through Washington, DC so rather than having him continue to Atlanta as scheduled, I drove up to DC and met him at Dulles airport instead. This last minute change in plans ended up working out for the best since we had planned to drive up to DC the following day anyway.

After spending the night with friends in Maryland we spent the next day driving up to Boston where we stayed with some of my relatives. We arrived in Boston on a Thursday night and then spent Friday seeing the historic sights of downtown Boston. We visited the grave of Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere's house, Boston
temporary world trade center memorial
Common, the USS Constitution, several old churches and many other historic buildings and places along the Freedom Trail. On the weekend we enjoyed spending time with my friends and relatives and got to do some snow tubing and skiing with them before we traveled further north to Maine. In Maine we stayed with some more friends and enjoyed another day of snow skiing. The day after we went skiing we had around 6 inches of new snow so we waited until afternoon when the roads were mostly plowed to head back down to Boston. I enjoyed playing in the snow and even strapped on some cross country skis for a few laps around the back yard in the snow storm.

After getting a good night's sleep in Boston we drove down to New York. Jonathan was very excited about his first visit to Manhattan where we spent the day walking from Central Park all the way down to the southern tip of Manhattan. Along the way we visited many famous landmarks including Times Square, Wall Street and of course the site of the World Trade Center. We also
arlington cemetery & washington dc
visited a temporary September 11 memorial consisting of a mangled sculpture which used to be in the WTC lobby. At the end of the day we rode the subway back to where we had managed to find a free parking spot about a block away from Central Park. From New York we continued south to Maryland where we collapsed into bed at my friends' house.

After sleeping in due to our late arrival in Maryland we spent Thursday afternoon visiting the General Conference (SDA Church headquarters), Columbia Union College and the ABC (Christian book store). In the evening we drove up to Baltimore for a quick visit to the Inner Harbor before returning to my friends' house for the night.

On Friday we spent the day exploring downtown DC with quick visits to the Holocaust Museum, the FBI (unfortunately the tours weren't running though so we just saw the outside of the building), the Natural History Museum, the Air &
little river canyon
Space Museum, the National Gallery of Art, the Capitol, the Whitehouse, the Lincoln, Jefferson, World War 2, Korean, Vietnam and Roosevelt memorials, the Washington Monument and JFK's grave in Arlington National Cemetery. It was a full day and we had definitely had enough walking by the time we headed back to my friends' house.

On Sabbath we enjoyed visiting a couple of churches and then spent the rest of the day catching up with friends and relatives before loading the car for our drive back to Tennessee. We had a smooth trip back on Sunday and then on Monday I started my new job while Jonathan finally got a chance to relax.

this picture was taken in my backyard
The following weekend we stayed around Chattanooga for church and then drove down to Little River Canyon in Alabama in the afternoon. It was a beautiful spring day so we enjoyed visiting the waterfall there.

The next weekend we went to my grandparents house where we spent time visiting, played dominos and of course found time for several games of Croquet.

Now Jonathan is back in Germany and I am starting to get caught up with things that I haven't had time for lately, including writing this update.

Well, I think that's about all the news from here for now.

Until next time,


Posted by andrew on April 11, 2005

Thanks for the update Andrew. We are looking forward to joining you in Tennessee in a year!

Posted by: Brooke on April 12, 2005

I'm also looking forward to that although even Ohio is much closer than California! :)

Posted by: Andrew on April 12, 2005

Hey Andrew,

My wife and I are going to be moving to Guam in two months. I am SDA and will be working as a physicians assistant on island. I have wakeboarded all my life and want to get into kite boarding. Can you give me any contact names for when we arrive. That would bre great.


Posted by: Eric on April 12, 2005