July 9, 2003

maryland 4th of july and a wedding

marching band in parade
Greetings from Maryland,

Since I had quite a bit to write about this week I decided to post three separate updates. You can find the first two along with all of the other older entries using the recent entries and archives sections on the right side of my main web page. The first one is about my trip from Cambodia back to the US with a long weekend stopover in Korea and the second one is about my cross country road trip from Maryland to Oregon. This update on the other hand is about the time I have spent so far here in Maryland and about my plans for the next few weeks.

annapolis fireworks
I was met at the airport Thursday night here in Maryland by two of my former college room mates, but it was late so I pretty much just went to bed. Friday morning I spent some time with my friends and enjoyed eating and sharing some of the fresh blueberries I had brought with me from Oregon. In the evening I went with one of my friends to the nearby town of Annapolis, Maryland. Annapolis is the state capital and is also home to the US Naval Academy. The town had an interesting 4th of July parade complete with a couple of city snow plows, a pair of segways and a bunch of corvettes. They also had several marching bands and plenty of politicians. After the parade we enjoyed listening to the naval academy band perform and eventually got seats on the waterfront facing the barge where the fireworks would be launched. After dark we enjoyed an excellent pyrotechnic display complete with all the usual type of fireworks and a few new ones. When the show was over we walked a couple of miles back to our car, and surprisingly had no major traffic delays.

the happy couple marching down the aisle
On Sabbath I got to see lots of friends at church and potluck, including some from as far away as Australia. Saturday night a bunch of us drove a little over an hour to the Antietam battlefield park where we played some games before watching another fireworks show. This show wasn't as good as the Annapolis one, but it was still fun to watch and I enjoyed spending time with friends.

On Sunday I attended my friend Elizabeth's wedding which went very well. The ceremony was very nice with the two fathers doing the homily together since they are both pastors. The reception was held outdoors at the bride's parents' home and was also very nice. The only downside was that the weather was pretty warm, but they did have a good supply of ice cold lemonade which helped make the afternoon more pleasant. I had a really good time visiting with old friends at the reception in spite of the hot weather.

cutting the wedding cake
The rest of the week so far I have just been catching up on a few things like this newsletter. I have also spent time visiting with some friends and plan to do more of the same for the rest of the week. Next weekend I'm going to another wedding and then on Monday I'll be flying out. My parents ended up sailing the boat to Egypt during the last couple of weeks so I will now meet them there instead of in Cyprus. Due to my rather indirect routing the trip will be quite long, but I'm definitely looking forward to spending some time sailing in the Red Sea.

Well, I guess that's it for now. I suppose my next update will be about sailing, although I'm not sure when exactly I'll get a chance to write about it.

Until then,